JPE Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
NEW JPE Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


John Pittard Elementary

Arrival & Dismissal




Student Arrivals

Doors open at 8:15.  Students will not be allowed to enter hallways until this time.

Bus riders will enter through gymnasium doors and wait in the gym until they are released to go to their classrooms. 

Car Riders can be dropped off at the front entrance, B-hall (1st grade wing), or D-hall (2nd grade wing).  These doors will open at 8:15.  It is best if the car riders are dropped off at the entrance closest to their classroom.  If a parent needs to enter the building for any reason, please park in the front parking lot and sign-in with the front office.  Refrain from getting out of your vehicle in the drop-off line.  Doors will be closed at 8:30.  AN adult is required to sign in students arriving after 8:30.

Walkers and bike riders must enter through the main entrance. 


Student Dismissals: 

If a student’s dismissal procedure needs to be changed, please notify the teacher in writing.  In rare instances when changes need to be made by phone, identification verification will be required.  No changes to dismissal will be allowed after 3:00.  Students must be picked up for early dismissal prior to 3:00 to ensure the safety of all students.   

Bus riders will exit through the gym and locate their bus number/picture.  Students will be dismissed as their bus is available.  Parents, please do not enter gym parking lot.  This will be used for buses only. 

Car Rider dismissal location will be based off of grade.  Older siblings in grades 3-6 will report to younger sibling’s assigned dismissal location.  Kindergarten parents will find out at open house which dismissal location they will be assigned to. 

  • Half of Kindergarten and 2nd grade will be dismissed through D-hall (2nd grade wing).Car tags will be yellow.
  • The other half of kindergarten and 1st grade will be dismissed through B-hall (1st grade wing).Car tags will be orange.
  • Grades 3-6 will be dismissed out front.Car tags will be turquoise.

Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed accordingly.